Back to Basics

“Happiness is found when you stop comaparing yourself to other people”


If you are not attuned to Reiki yourself your experience of  Reiki may have come through having a Reiki healing or you might have a friend who is attuned to Reiki. You may put these people on a pedestal and believe they have some magical thing going on. You look at them and it appears that their lives are all sorted out. Maybe they manifest things with ease. Perhaps you look at their lives and feel a pang of envy, wishing you could see Angels or sense spirit. Believe me I have been there (and still am sometimes).


Before I was attuned to Reiki I thought it was this amazing ability and that when I was attuned I would discover all these dormant magical psychic senses. I looked at the people I knew who were already attuned and I watched the ladies I was training with develop their senses. I wondered when this would happen to me. When would my thrid eye finally burst open and let me see all these fantastic visions? When would I have the ability to see the future and when would my life start changing and taking off?


Well I am here to tell you it hasn’t happened yet! Yes there are times when I can sense an Angel near me and their name may pop into my head, this usually happens during a treatment or meditation when I am focused and my mind is clear. I have had moments of “knowing” when something would happen but this is definitely not all of the time. And I definitely do not have my life figured out at all to my great frustration! I have learned to trust these small incidences and enjoy them.


You will hear many stories of peoples Reiki experiences and journeys (hopefully on this blog) and you will be facsinated, but you are only hearing a snapshot. A moment in time. Their story being told on one page. Without the intricate parts of the story. You won’t hear about all of the days they sat there doubting themselves or their ability. The times they cried because they didn’t understand what was happening. The fear that their lives were changing or not changing quick enough. The envy of how others seemed to be progressing faster than they were. The many, many times they wanted to give up. But from my own experience you will hear a lot of Reiki masters say that they came into Reiki for themselves. To heal parts of themselves that were broken or damaged.


That was definitely the case for me. I knew about and was interested in Reiki for a long time, but Reiki found me at a time in my life when I was ready to heal and move on. I went into Reiki for me! Not to become a Reiki Practitioner and heal others, not to become a teacher of Reiki, just for me. Now I have come to a point in my life where I am at a crossroads. What do I want to do with my life?


This question overwhelms me right now. Social media is bombarding me with different ideas and courses and pages of other Reiki practioners doing fantasic work and I feel inadequate next to them. Why am I not that far along? Why is my Reiki buisness not flowing like I want it to? Why is everyday a struggle? I’m sure many of you have felt like this at one point or another.


The answer for me right now is get Back to Basics! Why did I get into Reiki in the first place? For me! So for now I am taking a step back. I am conserving my energy for myself. I am taking the time to look after myself, to meditate, to self heal and to be with my family.


When you start to feel overwhelmed with life think about what replenishes you and do that. Spend time with friends and family. Laugh, eat, read, learn, meditate, walk, anything that supports you and your well being. Don’t look at other people and feel like they have it sorted and you don’t because I guarantee that they have tough days too. Sometimes we just have to remember where we are on our own journey and be comfortable with that. Let those people inspire you to get where you want to go but stay true to yourself. When you feel overwhelmed get back to you. Get Back to Basics!



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  1. Beautifully written, I can totally resonate with this as I am guilty of looking at others and seeing them fly and have asked the question “how come I’m not that far ahead?” Totally wrong to compare myself to others.

    On my Reiki journey the greatest lesson I have learned is that I am a one off, we all are at different phases of our lives and it’s ok, I am always where I’m supposed to be.

    Getting back to basics, perfect solution… I am reminded by you that that’s exactly what I’ve been getting guidance to do..

    Love & Light 💕

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